The APPEA 2018 Wrap-Up Video

A highlights video from the 2018 APPEA Conference in Adelaide.

This video was filmed & edited on-the-fly at the Adelaide Convention Centre during the 3.5 day APPEA conference in May 2018. It was edited in a cutting-edge youtube vlogging style, breaking the mould of the classic (and sometimes boring) event video.

Become a PO at Langi Kal Kal Prison

Langi Kal Kal Prison is located in Trawalla, 150 kilometres west of Melbourne, just off the Western Highway.

The Prison provides minimum security accommodation for prisoners who require a level of protection due to the nature of their offences.

Langi Kal Kal has been established as a working farm with a focus on preparing offenders for reintegration into the community upon release. Up to 428 prisoners are housed in the facility, mainly in single rooms inside shared cottage-style units.

All prisoners are expected to work full-time, if they are able. Prisoners at Langi Kal Kal can work in many industries that operate on-site; including agriculture, horticulture, woodwork, cleaning services, kitchen and general maintenance.

AHPRA Podiatry Infection Control

Heading to your podiatrist? Watch this video to better understand what infection prevention and control measures to expect.

A video produced for the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Starring Sonya Suares and Linden Compassi

Voiceover - Steven Sheeren

Director & Editor - James McArthur

Writer & DoP - Michael McArthur

Camera Operator - Clancy Walker

Boom Operator - Ash Jones

Hair & Makeup - Marg Annesley


Good Spender (STREAT)

STREAT is an organisation with a business brain and a social heart.

They provide training and work experience for hundreds of young people and generate revenue through sale of products to run their Youth Programs. You can find their products at:

AusPost Neighbourhood Grants

The Our Neighbourhood Community Grants give a helping hand to small groups working together to build better neighbourhoods.

See how one organisation in Bendigo, Victoria, used the funding from last year's grants in their area. Learn more:


This video was shot in and around the Victorian town of Bendigo. It features a 'Our Neighbourhood' Grants Winner, Cornerstone Community, based at the Old Church on the Hill.

The interview was filmed with the Canon C100, while overlay footage was captured with the C100, the Sony FS7, the DJI Phantom 4 drone and the DJI Osmo.

Executive Producer and Director Mel Tuckwell (Australia Post).

Producer and drone pilot James McArthur.

Interviews and overlay footage by Michael McArthur.

Stills and additional overlay by Josh Waddell.

Australia Post: Why Collect Stamps?

Stamp Collecting is a lot of fun. Find out what makes stamps valuable and how to start your own collection.

Learn more here:


This video was created with a lot of After Effects and Premiere Pro work by our resident animator Cameron McMillan.

The Green Screen scenes were shot with the Blackmagic Ursa Mini.

Vocieover was provided by our regular vocieover artist and actor Georgie Durham.

It was produced and script edited by Michael McArthur.

Directed by James McArthur.

Executive Producer Louisa Carroll (Australia Post).

Images provided by Australia Post.

APPEA 2016 Highlights Video

Highlights of the APPEA 2016 Conference & Exhibition filmed and edited on the fly in June 2016.

Across 3 days, we filmed and edited footage of the conference in order to deliver a closing highlights video during the final plenary session on a 20 x 5 metre screen.

APPEA 2016 Promo Video

A promotional video for the APPEA 2016 Conference.

Using footage from the past few APPEA conferences, we put together a high impact promo for the 2016 conference in Brisbane.

AusPost Endangered Wildlife

An educational video about endangered species featured on Australia Post Stamps.

The endangered animals include the Southern Corroboree Frog, the Northern Quoll, the Asian Elephant, the Snow Leopard, the Western Lowland Gorilla, the Orange-bellied Parrot and the Western Swamp Tortoise.

Stamp Illustrations by Owen Bell

Stamp Typography by Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio

Animations by Cameron Macmillan

Produced by Michael McArthur

Voiceover by Georgia

Photography by:
A Hartshorne, W Lawler, Dr Gerald Kuchling, Chris Tzaros, Corrine Symonds, Anders Alexander, Lorinda Taylor, Perth Zoo

Special Thanks to:
Healesville Sanctuary, Perth Zoo, Taronga Zoo, The Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Merici College Promo Video

A promo video for Merici College, Braddon, ACT, Australia.

Filmed on location at Canberra's Merici College, this video included a number of interviews with teachers, staff and students about Merici's outstanding teaching environment.


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