Interview with Cherie Davidson

Cherie Davidson was the successful applicant of a Film Victoria Brokered International Fellowship.

We talk with Cherie about her four month placement at Media Molecule in the UK as a producer for the company's Tearaway Unfolded project for PS4.

Many Monkeys Game Developers

We interviewed the boys from Many Monkeys about how and why they got into gaming, and their game Leaves.

Filmed with 2 cameras (the Canon C100 and 5D) in the Many Monkeys studio, as part of Film Victoria's Behind the Screen series of videos.

Magic Hand Car Wash Promo

A promotional video for Magic Hand Car Wash.

This promo video was filmed using a Canon C100 (with Ninja Blade Recorder), a GoPro Hero4 and a Sony FS700 at 240 frames per second, in order to capture some beautiful slo-mo water spray action.

All video was shot by Yut Art, while graphics, logos and compositing were the work of The Learning Hook.

It was played at the Magic Hand Car Wash stand at the Motor Show in 2015.

Marion Boyce, Costume Designer

Costume Designer Marion Boyce talks about costume design in Victoria, as part of Film Victoria's "Behind the Screen" series.

This is part of the 'Behind the Screen' series for Film Victoria. Shot on 2 cameras at the Ripponlea Estate in Melbourne during Marion Boyce's "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" exhibition.

The Gathering

A highlights video of The Gathering Camp for indigenous children, sponsored by the Geelong Cats and Target.

Oil & Gas Process Safety Video

A health & safety video produced for APPEA, focusing on process safety in the oil & gas industry.

This video was produced with close consultation with industry experts, and examines the importance of everyone's role in process safety in the oil & gas industry.

It features a combination of on-screen presentation, dramatisation and animation.

Film & Drama Video Production

Film & Drama Video Production

A very effective way to illustrate a particular issue or opportunity, or to reinforce learning & development topics, is by producing a video dramatisation.  Yut Art’s team of award-winning directors, writers, camera crew and actors, drawing from their experience at producing short films, are expert at creating engaging stories that draw out important topics in an entertaining fashion.


Have a look at our work on our Portfolio page or Vimeo channel.


We also create: corporate videos, instructional videos, web videos, promotional videos, event videos.

Event Video Production

Event Video Production

“Event videography showcases and promotes an organisation as a valuable contributor to their industry”

Filming your latest event or conference is a cost effective method of promoting your organisation and letting people know who you are and what you do. Event video production or event videography is fast becoming the preferred medium for business and corporate promotion. An event video is a simple method of showing your organisation’s value as an active contributor within your industry.


Yut Art’s team of camera operators provides comprehensive coverage of small offsite meetings, community events, or large conventions of several thousand delegates. Footage of your organisation’s event will be professionally edited and presented in a choice of formats. Your event videography can be presented as a highlights reel, as educational clips featuring keynote speakers, or as a promotional video for the following year’s event.


In the pre-production process,  Yut Art will talk with you and your team to finalise the format and the purpose for your event videography.  Our team of skilled camera operators will discreetly set up all equipment on the day of filming and film your event, while ensuring we have as little impact as possible and do not intrude on proceedings.  


We’ve filmed a range of large and small corporate events and conferences around Australia. Our Corporate clients include APPEA, Technocrat, Worksafe and Devondale Murray Goulburn.  See more of our videos on our Portfolio page or visit our Vimeo channel.


We also create: corporate videos, instructional videos, web videos, promotional videos, film & drama videos.

Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Production

“Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing”

Marketing is increasingly moving away from traditional, passive forms of messaging to more interactive and creative methods of engaging with customers. Promotional video production is at the forefront of this approach, with narrative forms of communication in corporate and business promotion attracting significant traffic.


Whether for retail marketing, promoting your small business or organisation, or attracting delegates to an international convention, Yut Art’s promotional videos can be tailored to complement an existing marketing campaign and branding.


We will discuss your objectives and help develop a detailed plan for your project. Using the latest video production techniques and post-production methods, we will create a professional, branded promotional video that is launch-ready for any multi-channel promotional campaign on your website and social media.


We’ve worked with a large number of companies in Melbourne and across Australia developing highly successful promotional video projects for their businesses. We’ve worked extensively with ExxonMobil for many years, as well as Woodside, Devondale Murray Goulburn, Yarra Trams, Target and the Geelong Football Club - to name a few.  See more of our videos on our Portfolio page or visit our Vimeo channel.


We also create: corporate videos, instructional videos, web videos, event videos, film & drama videos.

Instructional Video Production

Instructional Video Production

“Visual learning is one of the best ways to remember and retrieve important information”

Yut Art has been creating training videos and instructional video productions for corporate businesses for over eighteen years. With a team of industry professionals, including script writers, actors, and animators, we use the latest professional technology and techniques.


We produce a wide range of video styles, including step-by-step ‘do it yourself’ instructional video productions, role-playing videos with skilled actors, and large scale industrial health & safety videos.


We’ve worked with some of Australia’s biggest companies, including ExxonMobil and Woodside, producing health and safety videos over many years. Health and safety is of crucial importance in many industries, including oil & gas, and can be the difference between life and death.  Yut Art’s health and safety instructional videos have been one of the key delivery mechanisms for communicating these important corporate safety messages to staff. See more of our videos on our Portfolio page or visit our Vimeo channel.

We also create: corporate videos, web videos, promotional videos, event videos, film & drama videos.


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