Drama Showreel

A showreel featuring excerpts from a few corporate dramas and short films we’ve produced recently.

APPEA 2013 Promotion

A video promoting the 2013 APPEA conference and Exhibition. Produced for APPEA in 2012

Devondale Factory Launch

Highlights of the official opening of the Devondale Beverages Centre in Laverton.  Produced for Devondale Murray Goulburn in 2014.

What Do You Love?

Interviews with Personal Injury Industry professionals about what they love about the industry.  Produced in 2014 for PIEF.

APPEA 2012 Conference Opener

An epic animated video exploring the evolution of energy use throughout the centuries.  Produced for APPEA in 2012.

Clancy of the Overflow

Sixteen city dwellers yearn for the better life in this modern interpretation of Banjo Paterson’s classic bush poem.

Microsoft Case Study

A case study looking at Microsoft solutions for Abbotsleigh Girls’ School.  Produced for the Editor Group in 2010.

APPEA 2014 Conference Closer

A conference highlights video shot and edited on-the-fly at the Perth Convention Centre.  Produced for APPEA in 2014.


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